Emergency Services Solutions

Rapidly deployable and completely secure our networks are ideal for emergency service providers. Our solutions utilise state of the art radio technology which provides node-to-node connectivity in a matter of seconds over an expansive distance and automatically self-heals overcoming obstruction and interference. The devices are built to operate in extreme environments & conditions and features an IP67 rated ruggedised enclosure. As well as this they feature configurable per-radio link, per-packet data encryption and support cryptographic options ensuring absolute security.


Total Mobility

Every radio deployed within our networks acts independently, features full routing capabilities and is able to maintain radio to radio connections at high speeds, making it a true mobility solution.


Rapid Scalability

All of the solutions within our portfolio are cross-platform compatible, ensuring the the best fit solution tailored to each requirement. Further more radios can be added into the network ad hoc making our solutions extremely scalable and cost effective.

High Performance

Our solutions offer super-fast speeds and ultra-low latency, enabling the most demanding of applications to now be distributed effectively even to mobile assets, real-time monitoring of remote systems and more.

Bulletproof Resiliency

Network elements are self-healing, monitoring their own configurations to ensure the best connection at all times. Whilst most networks are impeded by the addition of radios, our solutions are strengthened as each node included is another point the network can rely on.

Rapidly Deployable and Extremely Secure

Even when rapidly deployed our solutions ensure the highest levels of resiliency as well as the high throughput and low latency required to deliver, continuously and in real time, a stable connection between all radio nodes, enabling highly effective data, voice, and video applications. Each node provides Ethernet and Wi-Fi Access Point interfaces allowing any enabled device to run seamlessly and securely over the network, in a hot spot fashion.

We have a wealth of experience developing rapidly deployable “Networks in a Box” and can be adapted to fit a number of applications, equipment is available for sale or on a rental basis and we provide a full test network service to ensure you that you are investing in the right solution.