Maritime Networks

Whether your requirement for connectivity extends to ferries, yachts, offshore platforms or dredging vessels we have a purpose built solution that can provide effective and stable communications in the most challenging maritime environments.


Total Mobility

Every radio deployed within our networks acts independently, features full routing capabilities and is able to maintain radio to radio connections at high speeds, making it a true mobility solution.


Rapid Scalability

All of the solutions within our portfolio are cross-platform compatible, ensuring the the best fit solution tailored to each requirement. Further more radios can be added into the network ad hoc making our solutions extremely scalable and cost effective.

High Performance

Our solutions offer super-fast speeds and ultra-low latency, enabling the most demanding of applications to now be distributed effectively even to mobile assets, real-time monitoring of remote systems and more.

Bulletproof Resiliency

Network elements are self-healing, monitoring their own configurations to ensure the best connection at all times. Whilst most networks are impeded by the addition of radios, our solutions are strengthened as each node included is another point the network can rely on.

Extremely Rugged & Reliable

We understand that maritime operators greatly rely on connectivity to remain in contact with operation centres, run critical applications and provide effective internet access to passengers and crew whilst deployed out at sea. Dynamic Mesh Solutions offer a cost effective and extremely reliable solution that addresses this requirement. Using cutting-edge mesh radio devices purpose-built for high-speed communications and data whilst in motion, allows us to provide a maritime network which adapts to harsh conditions often encountered by maritime entities. The radio devices are built for outdoor use and boast an IP67 rating eliminating high maintenance costs, as well as being extremely compact making them easy to deploy. Built in GPS receivers extend the capabilities of our solutions to enable live tracking and fleet management.

Whilst offering performance that is fit to counter the rising use of smart devices and demanding applications across modern networks, our solutions offer a compelling alternative versus existing satellite technology. Devices are license free and extremely ruggedised reducing operational costs and feature built in resiliency eliminating downtime. Dynamic Mesh Solutions works with operators to deliver a truly unique and robust network solution that increases productivity whilst reducing cost.