Public Utility Networks

As utility organisations are continually undergoing migrations to more efficient and reliable ways to maintain the infrastructure for public services. We believe that In order to fully capitalise on the these advancements, an equally effective network that can fully support advance applications, enhance services and reduce costs must be deployed. Our solutions provide secure, scalable, and highly resilient connectivity that can be applied to analytics and metering infrastructure, SCADA, remote sites and more.


Total Mobility

Every radio deployed within our networks acts independently, features full routing capabilities and is able to maintain radio to radio connections at high speeds, making it a true mobility solution.


Rapid Scalability

All of the solutions within our portfolio are cross-platform compatible, ensuring the the best fit solution tailored to each requirement. Further more radios can be added into the network ad hoc making our solutions extremely scalable and cost effective.

High Performance

Our solutions offer super-fast speeds and ultra-low latency, enabling the most demanding of applications to now be distributed effectively even to mobile assets, real-time monitoring of remote systems and more.

Bulletproof Resiliency

Network elements are self-healing, monitoring their own configurations to ensure the best connection at all times. Whilst most networks are impeded by the addition of radios, our solutions are strengthened as each node included is another point the network can rely on.

Extremely Reliable and Secure

We understand that the central operations task of managing electricity, gas and water solutions deployed in the field is a crucial part of today’s industry. That is why Dynamic Mesh Solutions utility networks ensures the highest levels of resiliency as well as the high throughput and low latency required to deliver, continuously and in real time, a stable connection between all assets and the operations centres. This enables operators the ability to live-monitor and manage applications effectively, achieving peak efficiency and reducing costs.

The technology we implement provides a fully mobile network solution, with the ability to provide the same level of connectivity to mobile infrastructure as static. By extending the performance of our networks to support vehicles, vessels or any other mobile asset, support personnel will be able to remain connected to the same network, receiving the same real-time information, allowing utility companies to further achieve new levels of efficiency and manageability.